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Canelo to Andrade: Get the f… out of here!

Canelo infuriated

The usually calm and composed Saul “Canelo”Alvarez showed a side of his personality unknown to most of us. The post-fight press conference following Canelo’s technical knockout win over Billy Joe Saunders got a bit turbulent when middleweight title holder Demetrius Andrade made an unexpected appearance to ask the Mexican multi-weight world champion: ”So, when can we get something going on?”

Alvarez had been answering questions in Spanish, but dipped into English, very annoyed. “Oh man” was his first response.

“Congratulations today, though. Good job. I’m a big fan” Andrade continued.

Canelo curses
Arlington, TX; Saul “Canelo” Alvarez and Eddie Hearn after Alvarez’s TKO win over Saunders. Altercation with Demetrius Andrade Credit: Ed Mulholland/Matchroom.

“I know, I know that” Canelo answered, disdainful and sarcastic. 

Andrade, who has long complained about being avoided by boxing’s top fighters  – Canelo included –  demanded a fight again. Alvarez completely dismissed him, indicating Andrade (30-0, 18 Kos) is a lower-quality boxer. 

“Man, you fight with nobody. Hey, you are a champion but you fight with nobody, man. You won that belt with nobody” Canelo provoked.

record attendance at Dallas Cowboys stadium
Saul “Canelo” Alvarez and Billy Joe Saunders fight: fans at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, TX on May 8th, 2021. Credit: Meg Oliphant/Matchroom.

“You avoided me” Andrade screamed back. 

“Get the fuck outta here, man. Please, get the fuck outta here. This my night,” screamed Alvarez, showing a perfect mastery of English curse words. 

The atmosphere heated up even more when Paul Andrade – the fighter’s father- intervened and cursed back at Canelo. 30-year-old Andrade felt disrespected and told Canelo to “watch his mouth”. 

“Hey, don’t talk to my dad like that” said Andrade. 

The altercation deteriorated into threats and more cursing. 

Canelo shows personality
Canelo and Andrade altercation after Alvarez’s TKO win over Saunders. Credit Ed MuhollandMatchroom

“Aye, get the fuck outta here because I’m gonna fuck you up right now, motherfucker!” Canelo said.

Andrade’s dad had to be restrained by the security squad, while Alvarez went on shouting at them. “Hey, you are a horrible fighter. You’re never gonna get that fight, man. You are a horrible fighter,horrible fighter” Canelo insisted. 

“Come beat me, come beat me then. Come beat me little bitch” was Andrade’s response. 

“Payday, payday, you want payday” Alvarez crooned. “I know that” he added. 

“Watch your mouth. “When I see you it’s on” Andrade threatened. 

“Yeah, yeah, Yeah, I see you outside” Canelo answered in a very dismissive tone. 

After bringing 73,126 people into the AT&T Stadium in Arlington (Texas), destroying the previous record for an indoor boxing event in the US, Canelo’s behavior shows he’s never been more aware of where he stands in the sport’s world. 

Alvarez got out of his contract with Golden Boy Promotions to create his own company and became one of the few completely autonomous fighters

Canelo was unstoppable not just on the ring, but in his second fight of the night as well. A verbal clash this time. “Everybody wants to beat me but -guess what? – nobody can” he said. 

When Alvarez was asked what has changed, why he’s been showing his personality more, Matchroom promoter Eddie Hearn said: “He is just being himself”, while Canelo had another daring answer:

“At some point, I fucking need to say something, right? Canelo commented. “This is the time.”

Watch Canelo explode after Andrade provokes him. Credit FightHub TV

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