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Grizzlies brotherhood. How Ja & teammates helped Ziaire get out of a slump

Memphis Grizzlies brotherhood

Watch the fun interaction of Ja Morant and Jaren Jackson Jr. taking care of Ziaire Williams before media time. Unbelievable brotherhood in the Memphis Grizzlies, not only on the court.

After Williams missed a late shot in the Grizzlies’ loss to the 76ers, Ja Morant defended him and encouraged him to keep shooting. The result was for Williams a career-high 21 points with four rebounds and three assists at Madison Square Garden. “I have been dreaming about this my whole life,” the talented rookie said in the post game presser.

Williams helped the Grizzlies fend off the Knicks’ comeback in the second half.

After the game, he spoke about how his coach, Morant and other teammates helped him get out of a very bad mental state. “Those are my brothers,” Ziaire said. “I was super down. I felt I wasn’t me, my mind was kind of controlling me after that game. Not one person in the locker room gave me any doubt that I can’t make that shot […] just to see the ball go in it definitely helps. I felt like myself when I made that first corner three, because I have been in one hell of a slump. But they told me to keep shooting, keep letting it fly and just have fun.”

“He was down after the last game, the last shot,” Ja Morant explained. “Next day, he was in the gym longer than he was supposed to be, which is something positive for us. It just shows his work ethic and how hungry he is.”

“I am the last person that ever feels I’m not giving my all when I know my teammates are sacrificing their bodies and all that stuff to get the win,”Ziaire said. “On the court, off the court they’re all just great role models. It’s been the smoothest, easiest transition I can possibly imagine. Of course, there are bumps and bruises and little road blocks, but they’ve helped me get over every single one. I’s just all about how you bounce back and they refuse to let me keep my head down.”

The way teammates talk about and defend Ziaire says a lot about this promising team, third in the Western Conference.


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