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Al Horford: The power of dreams. Tatum on 1st ejection: It’s good for my rep

Horford Tatum

After a difficult night and a loss to the New York Knicks, the Celtics see their first seed position in danger.

Al Horford: The power of dreams

Al Horford describes the importance of the power of their dreams to keep their motivation high and react to difficult moments. “To me it’s not only about putting in the work, but also about enjoying this process and this journey,” Horford stated after the game at Madison Square garden.

“We have a very special team, a very unique team. Great guys in the locker room. We enjoy working with one another and we understand what we are trying to accomplish. Being in this position is just very special. I am very grateful for it. This is very fun for me.”

Jayson Tatum’s first ejection

Jayson Tatum picked up the first ejection in his career. After looking a bit upset in the beginning, he took the thing with philosophy and humor: “All the great players get thrown out a few times in their careers. It’s good for my rep,” Tatum joked in the post game presser. Kobe made him fall in love with basketball. What did he learn from Kobe that makes him better in difficult moments? “Just move on, get ready for the next one. Neger get too high or too low,” Tatum commented.


  • Horford Tatum
  • Horford Tatum
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