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Tatum, Smart, Williams III, coach: Why the Celtics are better than last season. Improvements needed

Tatum power

Best record

The Boston Celtics have the best record in the NBA so far, but there’s still room for improvement.

Jayson Tatum

What makes Jayson Tatum proud of being a Celtic? What is he liking about the team this season and what does he want to change?

“What makes me proud to be a Celtic? I think the history, tradition, the championships, the great teams, the great players they’ve had. I love the way that we played thus far this season,” Tatum tells VSport. “Obviously, we lost two in a row, but overall we got a great start. We have overcome a lot of adversity and still found a way to be a great team. We still got a long way to go. Hopefully we’ll continue to get better. We don’t want to stay stagnant and be the same team we are now when the playoffs start.”

Jayson Tatum

Marcus Smart

Marcus Smart and the Celtics legacy.

“I really like the way we are finding ways to win games,” Smart says. “We found ways to continue to stay at the top… We just gotta be able to understand that we are one of the best teams in the league and we gotta play that way at all times.”

Marcus Smart Celtics
Marcus Smart

Robert Williams III

Robert Williams III: Great record, but not perfect. Where does he want to see immediate improvement?

“I love this team. I feel we keep gaining a bigger purpose every time we play. We fight through adversity. Rankings don’t mean a lot, but teams knowing that we are number one are going to give us their best shots,” Williams comments.

Robert Williams III

Coach Mazzulla

What makes Coach Joe Mazzulla proud of his team? What are the aspects they need to work on the most?

“I am proud of the fact the beginning of the season was about… can’t skip steps and being motivated and building off last year and where the guys were at. The guys have brought a very consistent mindset to the season. (I am proud of the fact) that we haven’t had ups and downs. Not that we have done everything perfectly but we have a consistent mindset into understanding what it takes to win every single night and handling the mindset of what it takes to play at a high level each night. I am really happy for the guys. We have to continue that, night in and night out. I just kind of wanna see that. See that consistency throughout. Which the guys have,” the coach comments.

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