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Living the dream of playing in the NBA finals: Al Horford, Jayson Tatum describe how it feels

Al Horford

After so many sacrifices, the dream has finally come true: Playing in the NBA Finals.

Al Horford: 141 playoff games before reaching the finals

Al Horford had to play 141 playoff games before getting this opportunity. How is he living this moment? Does he get to enjoy and take it all in or there is too much responsibility kicking in for so much at stake?

Horford’s polite demeanor and talent

If there’s a player that really deserves a ring it’s him, the 36-year-old 6’9” Dominican top defensive player for the Boston Celtics. During the years, he has been the perfect example of a kind, polite, talented athlete. Aggressive on the court, respectful in real life.

My Question (in the video): Finally after 141 games in the playoffs, the dream comes true and you’re here in the Finals. How are you living this moment? Are you getting to take it all in and enjoying? Or the responsibility is too heavy and kicking in?

AL HORFORD: “Yes, you know, very grateful for God putting me in this position. Really excited about it. And there’s a balance of, you know, being able to take it, take the moment, but also enjoy it, then understand that there’s a job at hand,” he commented.

Al Horford during practice

“Very aware of where I’m at, what we’re doing. But at the same time focusing on the job.”

Horford explained how his mom taught him discipline. His father used to be a professional basketball player in Dominican Republic, where Al grew up, and during many Summers Al was able to follow the team and observe how disciplined the players were. It became the right example for him. Many coaches taught him to be professional.

Boston Celtics practice day

Horford’s suggestions for the young generations

Horford’s suggestion for the young kids: “You can have talent, but you have to work on it. You have to be a respectful human being, you have to be a hard worker, dedicated to a goal. You have to be focused. There are many distractions in life, but what matters is focusing on improving every day. Keep preparing. It has to be a lifestyle. It has to become who you are, your lifestyle. You have to keep developing it. This can be useful for the young generations.”

Jayson Tatum with the team

Jayson Tatum: Balance between enjoying and leading his team to win a title

Jayson Tatum has made his childhood dream come true and is leading the Boston Celtics, hoping to win a championship. How does he balance the desire to enjoy every second of this dream that became reality and the huge responsibility of leading his team to try to win it all? How has it been for him so far in the NBA Finals?

Boston Celtics

My question (in the video): Finally living the dream, the NBA Finals. How do you balance the desire to enjoy every moment of this dream that became reality with the big responsibility of leading a team to a title? How has it been for you so far?

JAYSON TATUM: “It’s been a great experience. Just try to remember it’s still basketball at the end of the day. Try to prepare the same and not get too excited. Just go out there and be relaxed and play your game, but still enjoy this. There’s no guarantee that you go to the Finals every year, and it’s a big deal. Just try to enjoy it and be as relaxed as possible.”

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