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Klay Thompson, the power of perseverance. Being back in the Finals after two surgeries


After two surgeries and two years of rehab, KLAY THOMPSON is back in the NBA Finals.

Perseverance and mental fortitude

The Warriors’ small forward/shooting guard is the living proof that perseverance, mental strength and hard work can bring great results. After tearing his left knee’s ACL during the 2019 NBA Finals, he underwent a successful knee surgery on his ACL. He missed the entire 2019-20 season. After re-signing with the Warriors and returning to practice in September 2020, it was announced (in November) he would miss the whole 2020-21 season because of an Achilles’ tendon injury suffered in a pick up game.

A second injury and a second year of rehab

If the first year of rehab and absence from the game was very difficult, imagine how the second year felt on Thompson’s spirit. Klay didn’t give up. He continued his meticulous work on his body and mind in order to get ready for the court again.

The power of dreams

The power of his dreams was too strong to let them go. A long series of very tedious days of rehab started for the second year in a row. Klay knew he could make it back. We spoke with him about this difficult time in his life and what it took to overcome it. What did he need to keep believing? Klay revealed what the hardest part of being knocked down is for an athlete.

Thompson: An inspiration for everyone dealing with difficulties

Thompson became an inspiration for the young generations and for everyone who is facing injuries or big difficulties in life. For those who don’t see the light at the end of the tunnel. His mental fortitude gave him the motivation to overcome potential a series of injuries that could have ended his career.

Back in the NBA Finals

Today Thompson is back where he belongs, the NBA Finals. He is fighting for a title with his ‘Splash brother” Steph Curry and his other teammates. He is incredibly grateful to have this opportunity and trying to enjoy every moment of it.

The hardest part of being knocked down

Question: Considering where you were last year and where you are right now, what did it take to keep going? What was the hardest part? How does it feel now to be back on this stage? KLAY THOMPSON: “Wow. That’s a great question. Yeah, incredibly grateful,” Thompson told Vsport. “The hardest part was having to watch during this time last year when it would just be me in the arena. Rick Celebrini, some slow days. Definitely, on top of that, the hardest part was not being able to do a calf raise for four or five months. That was very tedious and took an incredible amount of work.”

The meaning of being back in the Finals

The meaning of being back in the Finals. “What it means to be here, it’s just awesome,” Thompson told VSport.. “I wish we were up 2-1 or 3-0, but that’s not the case. Still a great opportunity ahead. And I’m just going to try to seize the moment knowing what the last two years entailed for me. Just nothing is guaranteed in this league, so I’m just trying to soak it all in.”

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