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Who wants Kyrie Irving?

Irving asks for trade

Trade request to Nets

Kyrie Irving issued a trade request to the Brooklyn Nets after a failed negotiation on a long-term contract extension (as per Bleacher Report). The most controversial NBA player of the past few years will be a free agent this Summer and he informed the Nets that he plans to leave the franchise if he is not traded before the February 9th deadline. 

Favorite Destinations for Kyrie

Irving didn’t mention which teams he would prefer to play for, but he is hoping for a trade and a big contract.

Talent & Flaws

Despite his incredible talent, reliability seems to be Irving’s Achilles’ heel. Brooklyn seemed to need more proof of his long-term commitment to the team, of his dedication and of future absence of useless drama. 


Irving is in the final year of his contract and he will get $36.9 million this season. According to insiders, the 8-time All Star is asking for a $198.5 million maximum extension. Is any team willing to invest that amount?

Los Angeles Lakers and LeBron

If the Los Angeles Lakers and the Dallas Maverick have previously expressed their interest in Kyrie, will they be willing and able to pay that full price, despite all the controversies this greatly skilled but unpredictable player has been creating? LeBron James seems eager to reunite with his former teammate in Los Angeles and usually gets what he asks for.

The Lakers might be Irving’s more suitable destination, but they could only create about $34 million cap space for now. True, teams can create more cap space, but will they decide to do so? 

Kyrie’s baggage

Besides his long history of injuries, Kyrie’s personality is – to say the least – intense, unpredictable, and inconsistent. His behavior was probably one of the reasons why James Harden left the team.

In 2020, Irving pushed for a players strike and was against playing in the Orlando bubble. 

Lately, he has missed- without permission- over 14 games in a little over two years.

He also missed a whole season of home games because he refused to comply with the COVID vaccine State mandate.

Last November, Irving was suspended indefinitely and missed eight games for failing to apologize after having promoted an antisemitic film on his Twitter and Instagram accounts. 

If traded, Irving is eligible for a 2-year $78.6 million extension deal with a new team until June 30th.

Which teams need Kyrie?

Which teams think they absolutely need Irving to win a championship? Who wants a long-term commitment with Kyrie?

Will he be able to stay controversy-free and let his team and coach focus on basketball? 

His present and previous teammates have been often embarrassed by the many non-basketball-themed, Kyrie-related questions they had to keep answering. 

How upset is KD?

 Another question for Brooklyn now is: How upset is Kevin Durant about this new “betrayal” and how is this going to impact KD’s future with the franchise? 

Dallas Mavericks want Luka’s co-star

In Dallas, Luka Doncic has been asking for help. The Mavericks need a co-star, but who would they have to sacrifice for Kyrie? Brooklyn might prefer to trade Irving to a Western Conference organization.

Miami Heat could become great

The Miami Heat are in serious need for change in half-court offense. After missing Donovan Mitchell last Summer, could Irving be the solution? If Irving joined Bam Adebayo and Jimmy Butler, the Heat would be again top contenders in the Eastern Conference. Would Miami have to lose the young talent Tyler Herro though? 

Phoenix Suns and LA Clippers

Among other preferred destinations for Kyrie, the Phoenix Suns and the Los Angeles Clippers. The Los Angeles Clippers have reportedly made a substantial offer for Kyrie. It would be a reunion with Tyronn Lue, who coached Irving in Cleveland.

Irving All Star starter and great season

Irving is averaging 27.1 points, 5.1 rebounds and 5.3 assists in 40 games.

This year, he has been named an All Star starter for the 6th time in his career (8 All Star games total). 


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1 Comment

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