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Cam Thomas youngest in NBA history to score 40+ in 3 consecutive games: “Really surreal”

Cam Thomas in history

” Really surreal” is Cam Thomas‘ first reaction after becoming the youngest player in NBA history to ever score at least 40 points in three consecutive games.

Despite the loss to the Phoenix Suns, Thomas says “it’s good to be part of history”. “I am just glad to have my name in the history books,” he comments in the post game presser.

The 21-year-old shooting guard explains that being on the bench and waiting for his moment to prove what he is made of has been tough.

“It’s really hard. Being a competitor, you want to be in the game, you want to play. So when coaches keep telling you to stay ready, you get frustrated after a while because you’re like ‘I am staying ready, I am ready to hoop’. But then you just gotta do your part, do your role. Be ready. That’s what I have been doing: Just staying ready for the moment.”

With Kyrie Irving traded to Dallas, Kevin Durant injured, and Spencer Dinwiddie not available to play yet, Cam Thomas was the main perimeter scoring option for the Nets. He is starting to get double teamed and big stars are guarding him. Thomas takes that as “a sign of respect from the league”.


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