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Backstage fun! Coach Monty Williams on Devin Booker’s attitude: He just wants to kill and eat

Devin Booker viaggiosport

Watch the fun rituals of the Phoenix Suns squad backstage!

Phoenix Suns coach Monty Williams talks about Devin Booker’s attitude in his comeback after an injury: “He just wants to eat. Kill and eat. He is a winner.”

Booker missed a month and a half while rehabbing from a groin injury suffered during Christmas night’s game. In his comeback to the court, he scored 19 points in 26 minutes in the Suns victory over the Brooklyn Nets in New York

“He wants to do anything he can to win the game. The guys got a great deal of energy from him tonight just from having him on the floor,” coach Williams commented after the Suns win over the Nets in Brooklyn.

“Everyone is excited that he is back. So from his presence alone he gave our team a lot of juice,” he explains. In the locker room and in the pre-game salutations a lot of relief and excitement were evident. The Suns won 116-112 over the Brooklyn Nets at Barclays Center. “That’s all I want right here. Just competition, being back on there with the band, feeling that energy, feeling that presence,” Booker commented after the game.

Williams is happy about Booker’s performance. “He was good. Obviously he hadn’t played in a while. For him to come out and hit those first two, everybody was like ‘he just has a gift’.


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