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My conversations with LeBron James. Tribute to NBA all-time leading scorer

lebron James tribute

Get to know LeBron better with this tribute to King James, who recently became the NBA all-time leading scorer, passing Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.

Watch the video interviews!!

These are some of my most recent interviews with LeBron James. The older interviews with him are still on tape and need to be digitized.

From All Star 2011 in LA to the NBA finals in 2016 and the NBA championship, from games in Madison Square Garden and Barclays Center to many other All Star games around the US.

LeBron talks about his legacy and what he stands for.

He explains who’s the person who inspired him the most and what it means to be now an inspiration for so many kids.

He talks about the importance of his mother, who was also the dad and brother he never had.

King James explains what he feels when he sees his son Bronny dunk.

He talks about how it would be to play in the NBA along with his son and why he doesn’t talk about the NBA in the household.

Discover what LeBron believes in, what he does to recuperate between games and take care of his body.

Find out what his teammates think of him and his leadership. Listen what Jamie Foxx, J.R. Smith, Timofey Mozgov, Channing Frye think about why LeBron is one of the best of all times and he was it even years ago, before crashing all these records.


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