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Souleymane Cissokho: Why AJ Boxing? We share the same values and they have a global approach

La médaille de bronze olympique Souleymane Cissoko parte de son état d’âme avant de son grand combat au Madison Square Garden de NY, le temple de la boxe mondiale.
Pourquoi a-t-il choisi de faire partie de la AJ Boxing? ” On partage les memes valeurs: reste, être humble, travailler, beaucoup d’entrainement”.
Un journée typique dans la vie de Souleymane. ” Le matin on a entrainement, le soir aussi. On mange boxe, on dort boxe, on vit boxe”.
Qu’est ce que on doit s’attendre samedi?
Combien d’heures d’entraînement?

Meditation e preparation mentale?

Conseils pour les jeunes qui veulent s’approcher de la boxe.

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Olympic bronze medalist Souleymane Cissokho talks about his state of mind before his fight in Madison Square Garden, the boxing temple.
What brought the fighter to boxing? “I chose boxing by chance and little over a year later I was the French Champion. Very quickly I became the captain of team France and then an Olympic medalist” said the fighter in MSG’s Hulu theater.
How does a typical day in his life look like? “We train in the morning and in the evening too. We eat boxing, sleep boxing, live boxing”.
How much does he train?

Meditation and mental prep.

Suggestions for young kids who want to approach boxing. ” Believe in yourselves. Boxing is a very hard sport. Respect for yourselves and for the opponents is a crucial component of it. It’s a very beautiful sport”.
What should we expect on fight night?

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