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Chris Algieri: The pro nutritionist’s choice on fight day? “Lots of carbs”. Diet tips in his cookbook

Chris Algieri’s mindset ahead of the big fight vs Tommy Coyle (June 1st, Madison Square Garden): “My mindset is to be focused, to be sharp, to be smart”.
“It’s a great matchup but I am going to go out there and use my experience to win” adds the Fighting Collegiate, who has a graduate degree in clinical nutrition. Algieri published his own cookbook, “The Fighter’s Kitchen”, 100 Muscle-building, fat burning recipes to sculpt your warrior. “It’s really for everybody, but in terms of tips, there are a lot of those in the book, meal plans, some nutritional background. It can really help you out”.

What works for the pro nutritionist on the day of the fight? His nutritional choice? “Carbs! Lots of carbs. I love carbs anyways, but definitely on fight day. Oatmeal, pasta, potatoes”.
Veganism? “It can work, but you have to really monitor what you eat. I don’t recommend it for most people”.
How does Algieri take care of his body in between fights? “I really like long distance running and heavy weight training”.

Born in Huntington, NY, from a family of Italian and Argentinian heritage, Chris started out with kickboxing because ” in Huntington there weren’t many boxing gyms”, but boxing was his first passion and he “always knew” it was where he “was going to end up”.


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