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The largest vinyl mural in NYC comes to life 300 feet above the ground

The largest vinyl mural in New York City is coming to life in Times Square thanks to the creativity of the Spanish-American artist Domingo Zapata. The Mallorca-born and Gramercy Park resident Zapata is defying his fear of heights by painting in a harness up to 300 feet in the air with just a metal rig separating him from the ground.

His secret? “Not looking down and just focusing on the canvas”.

The 30,000-square-foot artwork describes the artist’s journey from Spain to the Big Apple, incorporationg highlights from the past 20 years, and bringing another splash of color to the already psychedelic, vibrant square in Manhattan.

The mural on the “Crossroad of the World” includes Zapata’s “Panda”, “Polo”, “Flamenco”, “Flowers” series, and a reference to his 2019 experience at the Vatican, where he painted right next to Pope Francis.

What’s the message of this piece of art? The title says it all: “Life is a dream”. Zapata is putting the finishing touches on the original artwork he could have exhibited in a gallery or even in a museum, but “why not put it in a place where almost a million people a day are going to see it and enjoy it, take pictures and it’s free,” he said.

With its 15 floors and 300 feet of height, the colossal artwork covers the west, east, and south facades of the One Times Square building.

The mural will be on display for a month; then it will be transfromed into smaller artworks and clothing, which will be donated to New York City non-profits.

Last year, Zapata stunned the New York crowds in the same spot with a video installation that was so great the building owner invited him back for another artistic creation.

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