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Kevin Love exclusive: I bring awareness on mental health to help people and to help myself

Kevin Love talks about what it takes for a team to keep its confidence when it loses a leader of the caliber of LeBron James, who just passed Michael Jordan on the NBA’s all-time scoring list. “We just find a different identity” says the Cleveland Cavaliers center/power forward.

In an exclusive interview, Love talks about what made him decide to start his battle to bring awareness on the importance of mental health and to end the stigma associated with mental issues.

“I saw the opportunity to help a lot of people and also help myself” he comments. “As athletes and NBA players we have such an outreach, being it such a global game, that it’s important on a topic like this to share your story and play it forward to help the next man”.
The mission of the Kevin Love Fund: “To promote mental health and wellness, looking at the physical side as well” Kevin explains. “We just want people to live their best lives on both sides of it” Love says.
The 31-year-old Californian player talks about the importance of not isolating, not hiding and not considering mental issues as a taboo. “There’s definitely a stigma that comes with mental health but in everyday life there’s always someone -be it yourself or somebody at arm’s reach- that is going through something that either they’re not sharing or they haven’t been very public about. I think it’s important to share so that you continue to build that community and know that you’re not alone” explains Love, 6’10” (208cm).
What makes Kevin happy?
What are his tips to have a long career as an athlete?
Watch the video to know more…

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