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Kickboxing World Champion Luca Cecchetti to face Spanish Champion Dostin Ortiz at The Art of Fighting 3


Art of fighting 3

On Saturday May 20th at the Arena (4,000 seats) in Monza (Northern Italy, close to Milan) The Art of Fighting will be back with a high-level show. In the boxing main event, European bantamweight champion Alessio Lorusso (21 wins, 9 within the distance, 4 losses and 2 draws) will defend the EBU belt against Thomas Essomba (United Kingdom, 11-8-1) on the 12-round distance. The only kickboxing fight will be on the 5-round distance (rounds of 3 minutes each like in boxing): Wako-Pro World bantamweight champion Luca Cecchetti (Italy, 57-5) will fight the champion of Spain Dostin Ortiz for the inaugural TAF belt (the Wako-Pro title won’t be on the line). 

Luca Cecchetti

Luca Cecchetti is an international kickboxing star having fought in Europe and Asia in events that got mainstream media coverage. When he defeated Alex Avogadro at historic PalaLido-Alliance Cloud (5,300 seats, sold-out) in Milan in 2019, the British online newspaper The Sun wrote about the fight for the spectacular Luca Cecchetti’s flying knee that hit Avogadro’s eye forcing the referee to stop the action. Avogadro wanted to continue. Luca Cecchetti is the Wako-Pro World bantamweight champion since last June 2022 when at the Royal Palace in Venaria Reale (close to Turin) he defeated in four rounds Maxim Kazacu for the vacant belt. It was the first ever kickboxing show promoted at a Royal Palace in Italy.

From June 2017 to September 2019 Luca Cecchetti was the Wako-Pro World featherweight champion. Wako-Pro is the largest kickboxing organization globally and having won the world title in two weight divisions makes Luca Cecchetti one of the best fighters of this era. 

The sniper

Nicknamed “The Sniper” for the accuracy of his punches, kicks and knees, Luca Cecchetti is ready to take on Dostin Ortiz: “I trained very well with such outstanding fighters as One Championship Muay Thai World Champion Joseph Lasiri, Wako-Pro World featherweight champion Luca Grusovin and Tommaso Pantarotto, who is a southpaw like me and Dostin Ortiz.

Lasiri, Pantarotto, and I are members of the Kick and Punch Team led by Angelo Valente, who will be in my corner on May 20.

Having to fight a southpaw made me change my training sessions, but I will be prepared on May 20th. The same can be said for Ortiz. He had time to study my fights on You Tube and I have no doubts that he will be prepared the night of the fight.”

Other fights

The other boxing fights, on the 6 rounds distance: Francesco Paparo (Italy, 2-0-1) vs Darwin El Badaouy (Italy, 2-2-1), Alessio Spahiu (Italy, 3-0) vs Enea Keci (Albania, 1-4), Jonathan Kogasso (Congo, 7-0 with 5 knock outs) vs Sergiu Sinigur (Moldova, 6-0 with 5 kos) and Momo El Maghraby (Egypt, 6-0) vs TBA. On the four rounds distance: Morgan Moricca (1-0) vs Marco Delmestro. 


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