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Bucks get crucial win over Nets with defense-first approach

After losing the first two games on the road , the Milwaukee Bucks get a critical 83-86 win over the Brooklyn Nets in Milwaukee, avoiding the historically unsurmountable 3-0 trap.

A very low scoring game with a defense-based approach.

A very low scoring game with a defense-based approach.

“Defense first,” Bucks’ Jrue Holiday said. “Defense wins games, and it wins championships. I think to be able to get a stop even down with two seconds left means a lot. Them scoring 83 points, I feel like for us that’s the type of defense we want to play.”

Giannis Antetokounmpo and Khris Middleton score 79% of the Bucks’ points: The highest by any duo in the history of NBA playoffs.

Giannis, Bucks get a win in game 3

“A win is a win” Antetokounmpo said. ” It doesn’t matter if you win by 30, it doesn’t matter if you win by 1.”

Durant and Irving combined for 52 points and 16 rebounds: Not bad, but not enough.

“We didn’t make shots, sometimes that’s the name of the game. Both teams played incredible defense. Both teams played extremely hard. Low turnover game” Durant said. “We need a couple more shots and we’re good.”

Game 4 is on Sunday in Milwaukee.


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