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Kobe:One-on-one with LeBron? I win for sure! Secrets for being at the top. Kobe’s Italian basketball style. In italiano with subtitles

Kobe: One-On-One With LeBron? I Win For Sure! "Says Kobe | USA

Kobe Bryant from his 15th All Star (Houston). The meaning of being there again. On a one-on-one with LeBron who wins? “I win! For Sure!” says Kobe. When I tell LeBron, he doesn’t like that comment and just answers: “OK”, almost offended. Kobe reveals his secrets for being at the top and performing in a great way for so many years. ” I eat broccoli, sleep a lot, take ice baths” he says. The Black Mamba talks about the advantages of having learned how to play in Italy, where he learned a simpler and less flashy basketball style focused on fundamentals. Kobe talks about his wish to go back and play in Italy at least for a few games.




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