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Joel Embiid on building real estate in Drummond’s head: I hope I didn’t hurt his feelings. Spero di non aver offeso Drummond

Joel Embid has been trolling Detroit Pistons’ center Andre Drummond since the beginning of the season. After yesterday’s win against the Pistons, Embiid said  (and wrote on twitter) he owns a lot of real estate in Drummond’s head and he is on his way to build some more. He added the hashtag #bum.

When asked about it today, Embiid said he likes to have fun and it was nothing personal. ” I hope I didn’t hurt his feelings” he added.

After 39 points in yesterday’s game vs the Pistons, 32 of which made in the first half, Embiid didn’t play as well tonight, but he didn’t make excuses for himself. “I sucked tonight” he said. ” I need to be more aggressive and I only made 8 shots, I don’t know why”.

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Joel Embiid: spero di non aver offeso Drummond. Oggi? Ho fatto schifo.

Joel Embiid ha dichiarato in qualche intervista e su Twitter che “possiede molte case” nella testa del centro dei Detroit Pistons Andre Drummond, ossia domina i suoi pensieri e le sue paure. Ha anche aggiunto l’hashtag #bum, barbone.
È dalla prima partita della stagione contro i Pistons che il pivot dei 76ers prende in giro Drummond.
Il commento di Embid oggi: “mi piace divertirmi. Spero di non aver ferito i suoi sentimenti”.
Dopo i 39 punti della partita di ieri, 32 dei quali realizzati nella prima metà, Embid realizza solo 8 canestri oggi. “Ho fatto schifo” commenta.

Guarda il video ….


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