The cavaliers try to survive, while the Warriors have the possibility to close out the series with a sweep.
Watch our interviews to Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, George Hill, LeBron James.

Steph Curry: “The finals bring the best out of you”. “Game 4 is going to be the toughest one”.
Curry on facing one of the players with the highest basketball IQ in history.

Klay Thompson: “I do feel more confident just because there’s a familiar sense of being here”.
Clay Thompson on Kevin Durant’s impact on the Warriors. “We just throw it to KD and he can get you a nice shot every time”. “He is an ultimate luxury to have”.

George Hill on Kevin Durant: “We are making it tough on him, he is not taking easy shots”, “He is an unbelievable shooter”.

LeBron James comments on his love for competition and on his mental approach to this challenge that has become even bigger now.