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Sports meet art in Italian artist Feuei Tola’s work

Boxing, marathon, athletics converge in Feuei Tola’s art

The talented Sicilian artist is getting recognition at European level. Last October, she had an exhibit at Photofestival, inside the Castello Mediceo (a castle) of Melegnano (a town in the Milan metropolitan area). On November 4, she had another exhibit at Espai Menorca-Sa Casa Menorca in Barcelona (Catalunya, Spain).

artist tola
Feuei Tola

Next February, she will participate to an exhibit at Casa dell’Arte Spagna Bellora in the globally famous fashion district of Milan, the fashion capital of the world.

Multi-faceted artist

Feuei Tola is a painter, a sculptress, a photographer and she also produces installations and performances which she shows (live or on video) during her exhibits.

Sports inspiration

She is often inspired by boxing, producing paintings of Italian fighters and sculptures of boxing gloves.

“I practice boxing once a week with former WBC World flyweight champion Stefania Bianchini – Tola explains – and I am always inspired by her and other Italian fighters. Sports have always been part of my life. I practiced athletics and running. From them I learned to be resilient. This was very useful to me when I studied at the Academy of Arts, where I always was the first one to enter and the last one to leave. It was useful also when I started working because making it in the art world is a slow process: An artist must have passion, patience and resilience.

Feuei Tola

Art inspiration

My sources of inspiration are many and not always painters or sculptors: Spanish painter Francisco Goya, writers Federico Garcia Lorca (Spain) and Gabriel Garcia Marquez (Colombia), musicians Chavela Vargas (Costa Rica), Camaron de la Isla (Spain) and Maria Bethania (Brasil).  Among current artists. I admire Marina Abramovic (Serbia) and Shirin Neshat (Iran). I would like to show my work in New York City as soon as possible.”   


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