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Fashion meets Web3 communities with Nolcha Shows in NY

New York Fashion Week Web3 by Nolcha Shows

Fashion met Web3 communities on the 69th floor of the iconic World Trade Center 3 during New York’s Fashion Week, sharing knowledge, experiences and insights.

Photo credit Paolo Lanzi

Nolcha Shows produced the NYFW Web 3 edition, going back to its roots after the success of Web3 series during NFT.NYC, Art Basel, Bitcoin Conference, Consensus and Permissionless.

Photo credit Paolo Lanzi

Runway shows, NFT gallery, Web3 panels

Now in its 14th year, the independent fashion pioneering brand is a great platform for driving Web3 culture forward. The multi-day event combined runway shows with an NFT gallery and Web3 panel discussions.

Photo credit Paolo Lanzi


On day one, ChainGuardians showcased a Phygital Meta Street Wear collection inspired by the ChainGuardians Super Heroes, featuring virtual immersion technology that allows users to wear the clothing in the real world and on avatars in the Metaverse.

Photo credit Paolo Lanzi

Metaverse fashion

OhZone brought Metaverse fashion to life through the patented 3DReal technology that automates turning physical garments into virtually stunning NFT wearables ready for the Metaverse. 

Photo credit Paolo Lanzi

Panel Discussions: Web3

On the second day, a series of web panel discussions highlighted various aspects of Web3 and its impact on the fashion industry. Among the most interesting topics discussed, the role of luxury in the Metaverse and the Fashion Metaverse Economy.

Photo credit Paolo Lanzi


ChainGuardians offered the public a virtual reality area with a full immersion in a 3D digital fashion world to experience the Meta Street Wear line. An additional space featured an augmented reality area, allowing an interaction with digital models wearing the ChainGuardians clothing.

Photo credit Paolo Lanzi

Perfect Corp, the leading provider of AI and AR beauty and fashion tech,  presented an interactive runway beauty experience within the YouCam Makeup app, allowing fashion fans to immerse themselves in the glamor of New York Fashion Week by virtually trying on the beauty and fashion looks featured on the Nolcha runway through their smartphones.

Photo credit Paolo Lanzi

NFT artist Talia Zoref, a Forbes 30 Under 30 fashion illustrator, sketched her illustration onsite while featuring digital wearables from her NFT collection Eyes of Fashion, whose mission is to bring more inclusion into the world of fashion, elevate strong women artists, and empower women through education.

Photo credit Paolo Lanzi


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