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DeMar Derozan’s leadership in a difficult stretch for the Bulls

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Last 7 games

What shift does DeMar DeRozan want to see in his team in these last few games of the regular season to make sure they get the highest possible seeding?

Let’s hear it from the California-native and from his coach Billy Donovan. Watch the video.

Mentally locked in

We should just be “mentally locked in defensively,” DeMar told ViaggioSport. “That’s what we want to rely on. We can score the ball with the best of them. It’s on us to be locked in.”

“We gave up 109 points, we felt like we played terrible defense,” the 5-time All Star said about Chicago’s loss to the Knicks at Madison Square Garden on Monday night. It’s a particularly delicate time in the season: The Bulls are n. 6 in the Eastern Conference and need to keep that ranking to avoid having to take part to the play in tournament in order to qualify for the playoffs. “We can do a lot better. And we will. It’s frustrating to lose the way we did, but I am confident that we’re gonna pull through,” DeMar added.

DeMar’s leadership

What has DeRozan been teaching the younger players in his team? How has he been helping the Chicago Bulls also during this difficult stretch of the regular season? Who is he proud of?

“An honor to go to war with all these guys every day”

“It’s just my patience and my confidence that I bring to everybody. That’s one thing I lean on as far as my leadership,” he explained in the post game presser. “I am proud of all these guys. From day one when we came in […} It’s an honor to be able to go to war with these guys every single day, through the ups and downs. I am proud of all these guys.”

bulls coach
Billy Donovan, Chicago Bulls’ coach

Coach Donovan

“DeMar is a guy that leads to his personality,” coach Billy Donovan told us. “He is really good with guys one on one. DeMar always has good messages in the huddles. He is very supportive, really tried to lift the guys up and the guys have a lot of respect for him, not only because of his talent, but because of who he is as a person. His leadership has been really important to our team.”

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