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LeBron James: “Of course something bothers me”.

LeBron James talks about what bothers him about this season and about the one point loss vs the New York Knicks.

James recently passed Michael Jordan, becoming the 4th leading scored in NBA history. Would the kid from Akron have ever thought he would be able to accomplish so much? How has his journey been so far?
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Also find out about LeBron’s plans for this Summer and the Los Angeles Lakers efforts to build a winning team. “At the end of the day, this franchise wants to win and wants to win big…There are a lot of great free agents this Summer, but I won’t mention any names because every time I say something or our organization says something we get in trouble…” LeBron said.
Any advice for Zion Williamson, the most talked-about prospect since James himself?
“I have a lot of advice” is LeBron’s answer… Find out more in the video interview.


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