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Raptors’s new weapon: Marc Gasol. The downside of a good trade: losing pieces of a big family.

NBA trade deadline: what does Marc Gasol bring to the Toronto Raptors?
Gasol tweeted to the Grizzlies fans: ” I am not sad because it’s over, I’m happy because it happened”. What’s his mindset now, in his new challenge in a team that is in a very good position in the standings? ” I am all in, all in for the championship” says the Spanish player.

What do teammates think of him? How did he fit in during his first game as a Raptor?
It’s part of the job, but after building camaraderie, chemistry, friendships, some players get traded and a piece of the big family goes away and enters enemy territory.

Watch what Kawhi Leonard, Kyle Lowry and Danny Green had to say.


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