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Malaysia: Explore Langkawi, the Jewel of Kedah. Stunning wildlife and landscapes

A group of tropical islands in the Indian Ocean: emerald waters, green rain forests, stunning landscapes.
Officially known as the Jewel of Kedah (Kedah is a state adjacent to Thailand), Langkawi is an archipelago of little islands in the Andaman Sea.
The cable car to the astonishing curbed suspension bridge is one of the coolest attractions of the area.
The skybridge is a 137-yard steel structure over the tropical forest, a remarkable work of engineering that offers amazing panoramic views.
Pulau Langkawi is Malaysia’s biggest holiday destination, synonymous with tropical paradise: a real ecological gem, the perfect combination of Ocean, fascinating mangroves, sun, tropical rain forests, and enchanting wildlife.
Enjoy a mangrove river-cruise and admire eagles, an incredible number of monkeys, a beautiful ecosystem. Take a shot break in a fish farm in the mangrove forest to feed the sting rays.
Visit the Crocodile Cave with its suggestive rock formation and mysterious atmosphere.
Observe an underwater paradise with a dive in the Pulau Payar marine park, 19 nautical miles South of Langkawi.


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1 Comment

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