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When NBA history changed forever: Game 7 of the 2016 NBA finals, Cavaliers champions

Game 7 of the 2016 NBA finals changes basketball history

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The Oracle Arena gets quiet: the home team loses its title. Still, the public doesn’t hate LeBron James, the fans don’t cheer when he drops on the floor and gets injured a few minutes before the end of the game: this player is already a living legend.
With the greatest come back in a NBA final, the Cleveland Cavaliers win 3 games in a row and overcome a 1-3 deficit to become NBA champions, beating the defending champs Golden State Warriors in their own arena. This is the first title in franchise history for the Cavs. LeBron James, the finals MVP, has kept his promise: this one is for his land, his city, his people.
King James gets emotional and drops a few tears on the court, when he gets the 2 trophies. He runs to the locker room, with then trophies under his arms, and we get to take a few pictures and a video of his proud, dramatic expression.
JR Smith cries like a baby hugging his dad after the press conference: winning the title on Father’s Day has a special meaning to him, after all the difficulties he had to overcome with his family.
I get into the locker room after being on line for a while. I catch a glimpse of LeBron but I don’t get to take any more shots of him: he is out, to press conferences and interviews.
“Cleveland will always be thankful to LeBron” tells me actor Jamie Foxx, celebrating with the team in the locker rooms. “It is really significant that the person we are used to calling ‘the King’ has done something that nobody has ever done before” he adds.
The smell of champagne is pungent. Everybody has wet clothes, the floor is flooded.
Some of the players prefer celebrating with beers. Then, the traditional cigars.
There are no words to describe the amount of joy and satisfaction that are in the air. The Cavaliers are numb. They are realizing they just made history.
“We are the champs” they scream.
“I will celebrate forever, because I’m a champ” tells us Tristan Thompson.
“I don’t know where I am right now” says Richard Jefferson, back in a final 13 years after his last one.
“I’m retiring” is the first sentence he tells me, blaming it on the stress. “These have been the 2 most stressful weeks of my life” he adds. After having been kept under strict control for too long, emotions explode. Even big super hero-looking guys have tears. A dream of a lifetime has just come true, against all odds.
“This is something I will be able to go on YouTube and show my kids” says Kyrie Irving, one of the big directors of this historic victory.

Gara 7 delle finali dei playoff NBA e’ una partita incredibile che cambia la storia del basket:
I Cleveland Cavaliers si aggiudicano il titolo, recuperando da un deficit di 1-3, cosa mai accaduta prima. Lebron mantiene la sua promessa e regala alla sua città, Cleveland, il suo primo titolo NBA.


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1 Comment

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