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Music in the air: The Dance Parade takes over New York City’s streets

Please check your feed, the data was entered incorrectly.The 11th annual Dance Parade took over the streets of New York City on Saturday afternoon, bringing together people with a common passion for music, dance, and movement.

The main theme this year was “Dance for Peace” and over 10 thousand people showcased 80 unique forms of expression of the art of dancing: a charitable event whose mission is to foster the love for dance by celebrating diversity.

Thousands of artists, djs, capoeira and samba dancers, Pirate Ship builders, Salseras, Hoopers, Hustlers, Folkloric Divas, Burners walked and danced in this fun and unique parade, that started at 1PM on 21st street and Broadway and went to Manhattan’s Lower East side, passing by Union Square and finishing in a big street party in Thompson Square Park, the Dance Fest: 5 stages, live performances, free dance classes and education for a public of all ages.


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