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Warriors party insider: Celebration and interviews for the 2017 Championship. In English first video, in italiano II video

Golden State Warriors 2017 Championship: Celebration And Interviews

Amazing NBA Finals: the Golden State Warriors win game 5 after an amazing post season to become NBA champions for the second time in 3 years. River of Champagne, celebrations, emotions, feelings, comments, interviews, tears.

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Kevin Durant interview, MVP.
Andre Igoudala. Mc Gee. Matt Barnes, Zaza Pachoulia. Matt Barnes. David West. Sonya and Dell Curry’s reactions.
Steph Curry interview.
The feeling of being a NBA champion. Watch the video to see incredible clips and interviews

Per Corriere della Sera

Emozioni dagli spogliatoi, dal campo, dalle conferenze stampa. Vivi la festa dei Golden State Warriors Camioni NBA 2017. Fiumi di champagne, urla, lacrime di gioia. Interviste esclusive. Guarda il video


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