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Quiet clubbing in the Winter Garden: Listen to live DJs in your headphones and dance the day away

Please check your feed, the data was entered incorrectly.Quiet clubbing? Wait, not that quiet! People are dancing, screaming, singing, jumping, following the rhythms chosen by 3 different deejays in the beautiful indoor space of the Winter Garden, in the new commercial area called Brookfield Place (World Financial Center, Manhattan).

Blue, green and red are the colors corresponding to the different headsets and to the 3 deejays that are mixing different kinds of music on the spot, all at the same time: people wearing the red headphones listen to the music of the dj in the red booth, people with the green headsets listen to the dj in the green booth, and so on. I overhear people singing everything from “Macarena” to “Staying Alive” and “In love with the coco”.

A fun mix of dancing patterns and melodies sang by all the participants who are wearing the headsets. The rest of the people who are passing by cannot listen to the music played by the deejays and they observe the seemingly crazy crowds dancing in apparent silence, interrupted by screams, laughs and refrains sung by those involved in the “quiet” clubbing event. All this takes place during the day, from 1P.M. to 5 P.M. of a “quiet” Sunday afternoon.


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